Fulfilled By Amazon Merchant Services

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) requires precise compliance with the online marketplace’s unique rules and regulations. With Primary Logistics, partners can rely on our industry-leading expertise to successfully navigate these shipping & logistical hurdles.

Whether you’re shipping inventory to Amazon directly or managing fulfillment on your own through Amazon Seller Central, we offer a fully integrated warehouse management system (WMS) that provides customers end-to-end visibility into inventory levels at our facilities. Through consultation with our award-winning customer service team, clients can coordinate restocking in order to meet seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Our transportation management system (TMS) allows us to seamlessly execute shipments to Amazon’s distribution centers. Customers will benefit from around-the-clock insights into the status of shipments, helping them scale confidently as ecommerce merchants.

Primary Logistics’ picking, packing & shipping operation is well-equipped to meet Amazon specifications for package weight, size, and method of shipment. With our experience in both domestic and international shipping, our team can ensure that your products arrive at Amazon facilities intact, on time, and within budget.

Key Benefits & Services

In addition to gaining access to our end-to-end 3PL services and customer-driven solutions, the benefits of partnering with Primary Logistics include:

  • Purchase order management and tracking
  • Direct-to-DC and last-mile order fulfillment
  • Order selection per Last-In, First-Out (LIFO), First-In, First-Out (FIFO), and lot/batch
  • Amazon Prime Fulfillment (FBA, FBM, SFP)
  • FDA-approved fulfillment services
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) order processing
  • Next-day and expedited order services
  • Inventory record keeping and management
  • Palletization and shrink-wrap services
  • Pick, pack, and ship
  • 24/7 visibility via our web-based TMS and WMS tools
  • Vendor and end-customer routing guides and SOP compliance expertise
  • Reduced outbound delivery and labor costs for Amazon fulfillment services
  • Single-source partnership for warehousing, distribution, transportation, and deliveries
  • A dedicated customer service representative


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