PL logoPrimary Logistics was launched as a direct response to the evolving logistics and distribution landscape. We combine cutting-edge technology and decades of collective expertise to help our partners grow and remain profitable in the face of an increasingly complex and demanding marketplace.

In addition to our strategic investments in technology, facilities, and infrastructure, the key to our success has been our unique culture. Primary Logistics’ founding principal is a firm commitment to consistent, personalized customer service — a pledge we’ve managed to uphold, as evidenced by our long-term customers, representative partners, and global network groups.

Our management team is comprised of seasoned industry specialists and executives who are highly experienced in all aspects of domestic and international shipping and logistics.

We’ve developed a diverse portfolio of products and services in order to provide the maximum level of flexibility and value, regardless of a program’s scope or budget.

With branches in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, Primary Logistics is uniquely positioned to drive value for our partners across an increasingly competitive fulfillment landscape. Our locations can support clients as they scale in distinct regions, offering reduced shipping costs and shorter transit times from interconnected yet independent geographic hubs.

Whether you’re looking for 3PL support in one specific area or in need of an integrated, end-to-end solution, we have the necessary experience, resources, and infrastructure to get the job done.

Get in touch to learn how Primary Logistics can help streamline your supply chain and grow your global footprint.

Why Primary Logistics? Innovative services and solutions designed to drive your business forward

Customer Service

Our personalized approach to customer service is widely recognized within our industry, both among our professional peers and loyal customers. We’ve received multiple awards for our team’s unparalleled dedication, expertise, and ability to accommodate our clients’ individual needs.


Our cutting-edge technological infrastructure puts intuitive digital tools, designed to provide more control and visibility, right at your fingertips. This ensures the maximum level of flexibility, reliability, and most importantly, value, on each and every shipment you make.

Logistics Network

Primary Logistics is part of an expansive network of national and global partners serving more than 100 countries worldwide. Each is selected based on the same set of strict operational, ethical, and customer service standards to which we hold ourselves.

Custom Solutions

When it comes to logistics and distribution, there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently offer best-value services and pricing options while maintaining a flexible, customer-driven approach.