Cross Docking & Transloading Services

Cross Dock

Primary Logistics’ cross docking services maximize flexibility, transparency, speed, and reliability to your deliveries on schedule and your costs under control. Our world-class facilities enable us to inventory, stage, and sort outbound shipments of all sizes in a matter of hours.

Our Southern California 3PL operations are strategically located near all major west coast transportation hubs and services, giving us easy access to local ports, railways, and interstates, as well as LAX international airport.

Our cross dock warehouse and 3PL facilities were designed to receive inbound cargo from multiple offshore and/or domestic origins via and all modes of transportation, then consolidate and transfer those shipments for local, regional, or national delivery.

Key Benefits & Services

In addition to gaining access to our end-to-end Third Party Logistics (3PL) services and customer-driven solutions, the benefits of partnering with Primary Logistics include:

  • Import container transloading
  • Multi-origins import order consolidation
  • Freight segregation
  • Merge-in-transit services
  • Order repacking
  • Centralized supply chain support services to reduce handling costs
  • Access to our extended portfolio of capabilities and services, including drayage, warehousing, fulfillment, distribution, and transportation
  • Minimized touch-points and handling to reduce risk and increase reliability
  • Streamlined communications and freight flows
  • A dedicated customer service representative



Primary Logistics has the necessary transloading services & infrastructure to handle all types of containerized, intermodal, and FTL cargo safely and efficiently. Our expertise and extensive alliance network allows us to offer competitive rates and highly dependable service.

We receive ocean freight containers at the local port terminals and transport them to our warehouse facility, where they are off-loaded and prepared for the next leg of their journey. Shipments are inventoried or immediately processed and fulfilled for delivery via Less Than Truckload (LTL), Full Truckload (FTL), or intermodal transportation, per your or the end-customer’s specific instructions.

FTL and intermodal container shipments are received and processed in the same way, enabling us to transload cargo for export, local distribution, and last-mile delivery quickly and cost-effectively. Your products are offloaded, staged for domestic on-forwarding, then transloaded onto 53’ over-the-road trailers destined for distribution centers across the country.

The condition of your shipping & freight containers and/or goods is inspected and photographed at multiple stages throughout the process to document and ensure full visibility into each transaction.

Key Benefits & Services

In addition to gaining access to our end-to-end 3PL services and customer-driven solutions, the benefits of partnering with Primary Logistics include:

  • Reduced handling costs due to service function consolidation
  • Integrated logistics services — i.e., a single point of contact from order placement to final delivery
  • Expert import container transloading and export container loading
  • Increased transparency and minimized freight damage
  • Access to value-added services, including drayage, warehousing, distribution, and domestic transportation
  • Multiple regional locations to provide coast-to-coast coverage
  • Cutting-edge technology, including 24/7 access to our web tracking tools via our online portal


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